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  • Artist Info: HI My Name Is Douglas,but on here im Silent_poet13. you can tell what i like to do from my name. Im a under paid writer from east oakland,whos heart is torn from my chest so i wear it,on the inside is crush velvet.(A lil sentence of a poem). Im a active organizer and activest and it takes a lot of energy out of me,but i have a lot of it to burn. <br />
    I Have a lot of nick-names that i "proudly" go buy:<br />
    1.)Dj <br />
    2.)Tank <br />
    3.)Douglar<br />
    4.)Douglard<br />
    5.)Doug-E-Fresh<br />
    6.)DJ Quick<br />
    7.)DFjr.<br />
    8.)Junior<br />
    9.)Mute<br />
    10.)D'Mario<br />
    11.)Huey(The one from the Boondocks)<br />
    12.)Dougkit/Dougket<br />
    I thinks dats it 4 now.
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