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  • Artist Info: Hello! I'm Regina! You can call me Stephanie too! ^^ Oh well, if you want to know me better, you can just add me at yqsteph_0329@hotmail.com, ok? But I'll just include some of my particulars over here -- I like table tennis... And that's the only sport I favour -- Because i'm lazy, LoL! xp.. Oh n erm... all of my besties aren't in Gaia yet.. but I don't really mind introducing them to you~ They're just Lynn n Ler for gals.. Boys.. Erm.. I think Toady, Yb only.. I just include those who really are my best pals.. So my good friends are Wen Qi, Yijia, Jacelyn, Louis etc. However, i'm absolutely willing to know more friends.. So if you don't mind, pls add me! =p And I think that's all for now -- Just as i've already said so, I'm just a lazy person! xp.. ^^ p.s -- Pls donate me some gold! I'm very very poor... crying ... If you wanna trade, its okay but I don't have much things... Pls don't mind because i'm very poor.... lol... Oh n one more important thing~ My birthday's on the 29th of March 1996~ ^^ Not 28th... Because I made a little error... hehe.. xp..<br />
    <br />
    My favourites --<br />
    -- I like to eat cheese tarts, pretzels, fried chicken, sushi, ramen, udon, cheese cakes.........<br />
    -- Drinks.. Hmm... I like green tea, plain water n 100 ..<br />
    -- Things which I favour are.. 1st -- My computer<br />
    2nd -- Psp <br />
    There are more things which I like.. but I don't feel like carrying on....( lazy ) @-@... -.- boredom -.-
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