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    Howdy there. <br />
    I'm Momo, I'm queer, I'm 26 (too old to be here HAH (¬ ◡ ¬) but I started Gaia when I was like 12 and keep gravitating back to it every once in a while) and I prefer she/her. I love chonky cats, roleplaying, anigay and horror/thriller podcasts like WTNV and Limetown. I'm obsessed with Dragon Age and Monster Hunter World, and MMOs like TERA and Warframe. I have a tumblr and an instagram, if you're interested in meme/anime shitposting. Hit me up if you're an artist who does commissions, someone who is looking to roleplay, or just bored and wanting to chat. I don't bite, unless you're into that sorta thing.
    ♥<br />
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