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    When people share experiences together, and then they must part, there is a feeling of sadness. Saying goodbye to people that we feel connected to is an occasion of somber reflection. It is hard to imagine our lives without them, and yet we have no choice but to go on. It is comforting to know that for however long you will be separated you will always be in each others hearts. It is also an opportunity to be more present to others in your life and to look for opportunities to form new friendships.<br />
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    It hard knowing that the end is near. Your eyes open slowly as you try to look at everything in sight but it to blurry and your eyes a bit watery, knowing you just been hit by a drunk driver as you slowly try to remember where you are. It hard to breve since your mouth is fill with your own blood. You can't feel nothing as your whole body numb and your blood is all over the place. You can barely hear the people around you screaming out for you because your feeling tired. Your eyes want you to close them as you try to take a deep breath and cough up blood up. You think your seeing things as you start to feel coldness. Your eyes finally shut and you went to in to a deep sleep, You open your eyes and your in nothing but a white space of nothingness. You don't remember who you are or what happen to you. Suddenly you felt a chill running down your spine as you would of thought you were going somewhere else as you turn around to see something different. A black shadow figure slowly raise behind you and your feet start to shack and the only thing you can do is scream and run as fast as you can. No matter how much or long you been running it seem you haven't been moving at all. As the first feeling you get was this chiller hand press down your left shoulder and you had the feeling to stop running. It feel like hours as you been standing there with that cold bone fingers that been resting on your shoulder. Your eyes are daze as suddenly you hear someone cry out your name. You don't react to it at first, then few more kept calling for this person name, because you were nothing but a lost soul. Then the screaming start to become louder and you slowly remember who was calling you. Your daze eyes open up and you whisper that person name as if it was the first time talking.....Lina...is that you? Then you woke up in a room in white and see the person crying out as you say their name again. Lina...Then they stop and look up at you in shock. She hug you tight with tears in her eyes and ask how can this be? you die for 10 minutes. Then you wonder to your self as you remember everything that happen to you. You were dead for 10 minutes but it felt like hours lost in that place. Every time as you would look at people now you see how life is now. With one single person always standing right beside you, you know that your not alone in this world anymore as long as your their for them.<br />
    (TWP AKA 3verGr33n 3/13/10)<br />
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