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  • Artist Info: hi,there .i'm kind of happy o see everyone and i very generous to talk anything like i want....so,how i want to chat with you,i love helping everyone and also my best friend..... wink ...^^<br />
    <br />
    about myself...<br />
    i'm really like to watch fotball...my fav teams are liverpool and arsenal....i'm not really good play football but i like to watch it..(yaay.....go arsenal,go liverpool.......XD)<br />
    i love martial art...i'm very good in tae kwan do...i love kicking somebody's butt..XD....is just only self defence.. biggrin ..hehhehehehehe<br />
    i like to read ghost story because i can easily imagine the story but i hate to watch horror movie (i don't know why i don't feel anything about scary.. sad )<br />
    i also good in art i love drawing,oil paiting,sketches and water colour...my fav subject is art,english,sceince,and mathematic..<br />
    i also like to read crime and jokes to...but i HATE ROMANTIC STORY. i'm not romantic person...but i just want to be myself and everyone ^-^<br />
    <br />
    my big idol............XD<br />
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