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  • Artist Info: WAT UP !<br />
    My names Anastasiya Yeremenko (your- a -man- ko)<br />
    Dont make fun of it.......<br />
    ppl call me anna for short or boo :]<br />
    i dont gots a middle name cas me parents dont like middle names<br />
    my b-day is march 31 and april 1 <br />
    thats rite i got 2 b days <br />
    cas i was born excattly 12 amm :]]<br />
    so :]]....ya.,.....:]]<br />
    i likeskateboarding and drwing pics :]]<br />
    im weird cas im asian /european/american/........<br />
    (ignore i any of my bad spelling)<br />
    if you wanna see how i look like go down <br />
    more on my profile and look on the right side =D[/size
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