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    Soul Of The Wolf<br />
    "Tattered Paw"<br />
    Courage Of The Fox<br />
    "Blood Spell"<br />
    Wrath Of A Dragon<br />
    "Drosno"<br />
    Fearless Of Death And All<br />
    "Iifere"<br />
    Mind Of The Warrior<br />
    "Archais"<br />
    Heart Of The One<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Whom I Am:<br />
    ----------------<br />
    Name: Michael Thomas Griffin<br />
    Surname: Archais, Arch, Mike, "Tommy"<br />
    Meaning(s): "Archais" means "Ancient One", "Tommy" is just short for Thomas. The name was given to me after a family member robbed a bank and killed himself in fear of being caught.<br />
    Age: 19<br />
    Sexual Mentality: Pansexuality<br />
    Relationship: Elizabeth: AKA Lunar Zillion<br />
    Height: 6'9<br />
    Weight: Near 240lbs<br />
    Hair: Black with faded red streaks. Because the blond roots are growing out, I need a touch up. I'll black it all out and get the back and sides bleached.<br />
    Build: A Bit Round On The Edges<br />
    Social Grouping: None<br />
    Trademarks: A Pink Bandana On Left Wrist. It belonged to my dead Sister<br />
    Saying(s): None That Are Documented<br />
    What You Can Do Around Me: Insult Me (Beware Of Being Insulted In Return), Act Like An Idiot, Be Unintelligent, Be A "Nigger" (A Massively Ignorant Person)<br />
    What You Can't: Nothing You Can't<br />
    Why I Will Troll Your Ass: For Doing The Things I Said You Could<br />
    Whom I Won't: My Friends And Lizzy. At Times, I Will Troll My Friends Only To Lighten A Sorrowful Mood.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    My RP Character: <br />
    ---- <br />
    Name: Archais <br />
    Alias(s): "Tattered Paw" "Blood Spell" <br />
    Age: Ageless<br />
    Race: Fallen Deity <br />
    Height: 6'7"<br />
    Weight: 240lbs<br />
    Eyes: Red With A Blackened Tinge<br />
    Hair: Black With Blood Streaks<br />
    Weapon(s): Waare(Katana), Omega(Greatsword), Iirasa(.60 Cal Handgun), Ultima(Rapier/Succubiblade/Morphblade) <br />
    Ultima's Alterforms: Gaas(Katana), Bitter Ashes(Greatsword), Tiirips-Nosii(Rapier)<br />
    Ability(s): The Use Of "Arcana", All Six Elements Condensed Into One Element, Making the Count Of Seven: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Darkness, Light(Holy)<br />
    Fighting Style(s): Drunken Boxing, Thai Boxing, Greco-Roman Hand-To-Hand Combat, Capoeira(Dance Fighting), Bushido <br />
    Attacks: None That Are Truly Structured. Diverse in Arcana, The Seven Elements(As He Created Said Ability). Arcana Appears In The Colour Of Silver. It's Weakest Form Appears To Be Raw Arcs Of Plasma. The Stronger Form, As Delicate Ribbons. The Strongest Is Only Visible Before Striking It's Target. It's Possible To Combine Arcana And Weaponry For Much More Powerful Strike, But The Power Used Should Shatter Said Weapon, Excluding Weapons In Ultima's Alterforms<br />
    BIO: Countless wars have been fought to better understand the true meaning of "God". "God" is a being that needs no introduction to those who know about his true existence. This being is foul. A truly evil one. His name is known by a very few, that is, his true name. Some say, that is the ones who follow him blindly, he needs no name nor an explanation for his acts of purity. The true story of him starts in "Heaven". The ancient "holy" place. He created two sons: Lucifer and, the archangel, Michael. The brothers are twins. They have no birth to speak of, as they were created.<br />
    <br />
    The one son, Lucifer (later known as an evil being) was kind and very charming. Michael was headstrong, caring, loving, and very protective of those he had come to know and love. The reasons why they had been cast out are not very clear. One theory is: they were disobedient and were punished by being cast into "Hell". In fact they were punished by banishment for that very reason. Lucifer learned he had choice in his servitude to his father ,he chose to no longer serve. After orders were given to create new servants, angels, he refused. When asked "What thy doest is death, whilst thy continue to idle by and deny my reign or whilst thy fall before me?", he replies loudly "Non serviam!" or "I will not serve!". Michael was ordered to stay his blade and watch as his only brother was killed before him. Before blow was cast upon Lucifer, Michael leaped in the way and took it full force. The force sent Lucifer into the Abyss. Michael was on his knees when his father took up his own sword and slashed down at his son. Michael was able to act quickly enough to strike his father, taking his lower jaw with the one swipe. The screams of pain threw Michael after his brother and so, they both fell. A scream was heard by Michael, "SIC SEMPER TYRRANIS!" "Death to the tyrant". They fell for what seemed like an eternity. They fell into the river of Styx and drifted until they were washed ashore.<br />
    <br />
    Lucifer rose first from the sands and picked up his fallen and tired brother. He carried on for 100,000 miles inland and collapsed. Michael woke to find nothing in all directions. "Brother." He shook Lucifer to rouse him. "Brother! Wake, brother.....we need to make camp here." Lucifer woke and sat up. "Michael.....why? Michael replied, "Why, what?" Lucifer asked again in more detail. "Why did you save me against your father's orders? You, now, share the same fate as I." He replied, "I did nothing you wouldn't do, brother." Many days passed with Michael's words ringing in the darkness. On the eighth day, Lucifer spoke and made another choice that would change all things. "Michael. Help me build a new kingdom." Michael asked, "How mighty and beautiful?" His reply was simple, "More so than the rotpile we came from." They both grinned at the remark and laughed greatly.<br />
    <br />
    And so, The Seven Cities was built. Just as the name says, there are seven cities. Only one name is recalled to this day, the Seventh City, Sheol. With each city, a general of sorts was needed to govern the city in which he or she took up residence Michael's was the Seventh, Sheol. Lucifer is to rule them all.<br />
    <br />
    As the years pass, Michael stumbles upon a fallen corpse which attacks and injures him very slightly. The wound becomes progressively severe. Lucifer declared all who contracts the infection be placed in containment. This infestation is now known as "HDV". It's origin was that of Heaven itself.<br />
    <br />
    Lucifer began to reverse-engineer the virus and proceeds to inject it into his own system. He placed himself into containment for several years before it mutated and overtook his mind. He became power hungry and destroyed his "prison" as he called it. He takes up his rapier, Ultima and begins to slay at will. Every life that he destroys, Ultima becomes more powerful. He doesn't stop until he comes to Michael holding his defensive sword, Drosno.<br />
    <br />
    "Michael....they were powerless against me. Worthless of the life they were donned with" he then rushes Michael with laser like precision grazing his left arm and absorbing a third of his energy. "Lucifer! Are you insane?!" he yells as he grips Drosno tighter. "No, brother. I am very clear minded. Never been more sane." He rushes Michael once more and slashes twice between his eyes, once again, absorbing the last two thirds , making an "X". Michael falls to his knees and looks up at his beloved brother with blood streaming down his face. He grips Drosno so tight, the hilt shatters. He stands slowly as Lucifer attacks once more, Michael pins the blade between his palm before it pierces his chest. A gauntlet forms on Michael left hand as it grips the blade.<br />
    <br />
    A sheathed katana appears in Michael right hand. He flips the lock and the sheathes falls away. Michael jerks Ultima away into the ground three feet behind and comes down from upper right slashing lower left badly wounding his brother. Lucifer drops to his knees "Brother...HDV is perfection. You should know, you're the first." He summons a massive scythe into his hand hand brings it down. As he does, time stop just before the blade touches Michael's forehead. Michael stands dumbfounded and tries everything to resume the timeflow. He gives up, walks over and grabs Utlima as a slice is heard as Lucifer's scythe enters the ground. Michael appears on Lucifer scythe and kneels "Lucifer....your time is nigh" he jabs Ultima far into Lucifer's shoulder, drawing in his full power and all energies but not killing him. "Your invention shall be your prison." Michael carries Lucifer's body the full 20 miles into the center of the city. He blows the main doors open with very little effort from his mind and tossed him effortlessly into the containment he, Michael himself, broke out of. He seals Lucifer in completely. He steps up to the control panel, types a few keys, and lowers the containment vessel deep below the surface. As Lucifer is lowered, he uses the last bit his his energy to brand Michael for his "treachery". He walks out not caring about the horrible pain. He walks far away and shoots into the sky, turning quickly. He charges a weak blast and launches it destroying the home he once loved with ease. <br />
    (to be continued)
    <br />
    <br />
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