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  • Artist Info: I guess I should tell you something about myself as well so here goes nothing. <br />
    My name is B.K., but you can call me whatever comes to mind when you first meet me ^-^. I'm 15, and currently spend most of my time studying, so when I finally get the chance to play, I like to play hard. I dib and dab in multiple MMORPGs, but I like zOMG the most because it encourages group play, and therefore makes making friends a whole lot easier.<br />
    So, thats about it. For what it's worth, thanks for stopping buy and checking out my profile. If you want to get together and do some orb farming, or if you think you know enough about HTML to help me improve my profile, or if you just feel like chatting, then don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message.
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