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  • Artist Info: My name is Mana Tora, and my clan is the Hybrid clan. We are a cross between the species, consisting of angels, demons, lycans, vampires, elders, and sometimes even centaurs. My mother was a lycan, and my father was the Elder king. After my birth, my father murdered my lycan mother, and in fear of being cursed left me. <br />
    I found the haven of Pravus. No other species were able to go into Pravus, and if they tried, their lifeless corpses were soon found on the border between Pravus and the rest of the world. Pravus is a shadow realm, but it is also a spirit realm. It has a mind of its own, and it chose only to accept hybrids into it's safety. <br />
    Here I lived for 300 years, and the Elder blood within me kept me from aging. Over the years, fellow hybrids have wandered into my realm, and we have been safe and prospered. We have never been allies of the purebreeds, but we've held strong and lived among one another. <br />
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