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  • Artist Info: Hi everyone.<br />
    I'm tistory, i'm in Malaysia. Nice 2 meet u. If u want i can be ur best fren n u can tell me all ur problems n see whether i can help u with ur problems. I would like 2 help the one that is in trouble *if i could help* if no, sorry but i can give u some advised or maybe when i'm trouble u could give an advised 2. But I'll not help those who r arrogant, selfish, n want their kindness 2 be blessed.<br />
    Hey, u can trust on me. I'm not that kind of person that who likes 2 burst out their secrets. I would never do that becoz i know that kind of feelings. <br />
    So, my conclusion is<br />
    I can maybe help u n i can be trusted. so tell me if u hav any problems as just it is not about ur studies. <br />
    If ur problems is about ur studies like *homework dunno how to do* or what so ever the first thing i will tell u is<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    &lt;BYE BYE&gt; <br />
    *solve it urself coz i dunno how to do* ^-^ razz
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