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  • Artist Info: i like to meet new friends every day to get to know them even though i can be shy.<br />
    i love to play soccer with my family and friends its my all time favorite sport ever!<br />
    .my fav color is blue.<br />
    im not a girly girl though i don't like to dress like one i hate it.<br />
    im not a blondy thank goodness! if i was i will kill myself.i like blondys as a friend and who they are.and plus i can't act like one srry not lol.<br />
    where i live is the evergreen place can't say more then that srry.<br />
    my most favorite friends are techniqually the ones that are on my profile .<br />
    i have one cool and nices sis in the whole world. she always looks out for me so don't mess with her and i mean it!!!! her avatar name is caynords her name is soo awsome jk lol.<br />
    i have a chihuahua named trixie shes the most awsomest cute cuddly puppy ever to be born so whatever ur dog or puppy is my puppy is so much better then ur ratdog/puppy so don't mess with me about my dog i mean it if u do ur just jelous!!!AND IF U MAKE ME MAD I WILL CALL U ALL THE BAD NAME LIKE BITCH AND MORE BUT I DON'T WANT TO SAY ON MY PROFILE<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ps.if u want to talk to me send me a chat message plz.<br />
    <br />
    or if ur my friend then send me a pmessage.
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