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  • Artist Info: Hello, citizens of Gaia. I am Anastasia(DON'T CALL ME THAT THOUGH) I preferably am referred to as Annie;; but if you just absolutely cannot manage that(for whatever reasons) Ann, Anna, Pickle, or PickleQueen. I like camping, but not hiking, I'm not a girly girl, not a tomboy... Somewhere in the middle. I'm a geek. I'm grammatically correct, I love English class, and am an Otaku4Life!!! I love anime, manga, pocky, california rolls, hello panda, etc, etc... I am White(and 1/16 native american), 5'11", 143 pounds, and I wear glasses, have long curly brown hair, and am physically abusive to anyone with an attitude problem. My little sis is alice_chan 11 and if you screw with her, I will hunt you down and gut you like a fish! Just kidding. But be good, because I will report you if necessary. I love comments about how I wrote this, so please feel free. All useless peons who waste my time with bull-spit comments will be commented back, and I will be very harsh with words. All dumb comments will be deleted, but if you are friendly, comment me. I'll reply and I may add you if you are cool. This be it! Peace out, mah homies!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
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