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  • Artist Info: HEY<br />
    Whats up? smile <br />
    Names Blackie-Chan, Chocolate-Love, or simply Justin biggrin <br />
    17 Years I've Been around. Since March 26<br />
    I attend a small drama filled NBHS<br />
    I'm currently Single, and it will Stay that way for quite a while smile .<br />
    I'm a Pacifist, if you know what it means your dumb. Look it up.<br />
    I'm Serious at times. 90% of the time though, I'm the one cracking wise. <br />
    I'm a very thoughtful intellectual. Some of the things that run around inside this head will blow your effing mind. biggrin GREAT RIGHT!?!?<br />
    Love Drawing, and Anime, its like crack. <br />
    I'm quite depressed a lot, But I do my best not to show it.<br />
    Cute is what we aim for, Sum 41, and Blink-182 are the best bands ever.<br />
    TTFN<br />
    <br />
    Updated: January 30, 2013<br />
    Well.. this is horribly outdated. Let's fix that. <br />
    Currently, 19, going on 20.<br />
    Graduated from Mohawk High school.<br />
    Studying Political Science and Music at Westminster College.<br />
    <br />
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