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  • Artist Info: Hello people veiwing my profile! you can call me Rave or Raven OR for people just now meeting me! Ravenpaw :3 And I actualy type like this,so to any noobs who type :"haiiii i is _______!!!!!! an ai lyke paiii!!!!! nao yu can gu kizz mai azz!" Can just not message me or talk to me.And I do have a life! Thank you for you'r concern!<br />
    MY INFO<br />
    Gender:Female<br />
    Religon: Christian (Proud of it)<br />
    Relationship prefrence: Straight<br />
    Location:Texas,America<br />
    Likes:Imaging things,Reading,raving,teasing noobs,writing,computer time and friends<br />
    Dislikes: Noobs(see intro),When people talk in weird ways(not other languages), annoying people, and people who send out spam.<br />
    Contacts: (some I may not give away if I dont trust you) Call or tex,Email,PrivateMessage or meet me in rally or vitural hollywood<br />
    And in the areanas..I may rate harshly...Please do be hurt by it sweatdrop <br />
    If you are gay or bi please just leave me alone.<br />
    WILL DRAW AVIS FOR GOLD (Or items) I may haggle the price...may<br />
    PRICES<br />
    Full body:5,000(siting or not)<br />
    bust(Sholders and up):2,000<br />
    Chibi:10,000 (more is you have a covered face)<br />
    if you have the "self" (youre some chatater) its :6,000<br />
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