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  • Artist Info: heart If you're reading this your probably bored or have lost it, but I'm okay with that. I'm a cartoonist, but I don't have a scanner so, I got nothin'. I'm drawing or eh, T.T doing homework normally, but I'm not a zombie. I'm not going to kill u . . . *thinks about it* . . . maybe on Mondays, but otherwise. Just so you know, I'm not always drawing, I do make emo poetry sometimes, or crazy quotes, or wak poetry- that's a lot more fun than it sounds. ^.^<br />
    I love anime too, especially Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto. Those ones are awesome!<br />
    Here is the quote I made:<br />
    "My mind is racing, but it is losing because it accidentally went down the psychopath."<br />
    <br />
    I'm not a bad person, so hi once in a while, don't be rude, SAY HI!!<br />
    <br />
    Edit: 2015<br />
    Out of school by now only 24. Can't wait to get a job. Wrote a book. Read some books. Still write poetry, have a few posted. Still LOVE anime. Watched Baka and Test. Cut my hair shorter by now. Gave up my long hair to Locks for Love years ago. Still a zombie sometimes. Been reading a book called Itch Kind of looking for a lover, may never find one. Been playing Big Fish Games. Have you ever played Ravenhearst? There's 4 of them.<br />
    Christmas is coming, just got the tree up Nov. 22. <br />
    It's 2016 and I'll be 25 on November 19 and it's the 14th I 've been talking to my Pokemon obsessed friend too much I'm starting to see it everywhere, can't even concentrate on a story I'm writing, things 'll get crazier just think of black Friday<br />
    it's 2017 January and my parents control my life whether I'm dead or alive and if I was a zombie it would be "No you're not going to eat those brains until after you get your teeth cleaned so they can see that it actually is someone else blood on it. <br />
    Day b4 thanksgiving 2017<br />
    beware my deodorant doesn't work all day for some reason<br />
    and if I was a color I'd be lavender kissing a plum to be named prudence<br />
    my bedroom is a mess and stinkbugs keep getting in our house, no it's not my dads eggnog farts although you have to run away from them too.<br />
    the septic is backed up<br />
    in the meantime as in the time that is mean someone gave me a poop emoji backpack on my birthday, now that's a real party pooper.<br />
    I got presents for people that don't even notice me<br />
    2018<br />
    howdy howdy howdy<br />
    I've been going crazy and we now have 4 cats and 1 dog and the dogs farts are horrible...what the heck are we feeding these animals? I had a bunch of medical problems to look into...I know I have 2 herniated discs and a deviated septum, but what do you expect falling out of that window like I did and I still haven't found out which deodorant is my soulmate. My years' been kind of batty. <br />
    2019<br />
    life, the sunrise you only called a cereal<br />
    stuck in an unlucky situation of being here in this house<br />
    there is nothing happy about the situation<br />
    except I'm glad the internet is here, but we need new carpet.<br />
    2020<br />
    peppy the crazy dog is destroying our house in ways you don't want to know<br />
    I'm still on disability but I found a nice type of deodorant from Avon<br />
    my breath smells like garlic noodles and the dog's been farting so no one knows<br />
    been playing hidden object games and my sims kingdom for the wii game system<br />
    the medical stuff is too here still...that is always a to be continued.<br />
    2020<br />
    I am tired and we still haven't had that garage sale....I feel like a hoarder.<br />
    I've been buying birthday presents for my September people..which includes my mom. I have gotten her something nice. my grandma...I don't even know if she'll live that long crying <br />
    my godmother is gone...<br />
    heart heart heart heart heart <br />
    2021<br />
    OMG<br />
    my grandmas gone, our family ripped apart, we'll probably have that garage sale <br />
    this year, maybe, IDK.<br />
    I'm feeling off center...I'm really having problems staying on my feet.<br />
    The virus is still out there too. I've gotten vaccinated...still, I hope this year<br />
    doesn't end like it began.<br />
    I feel like I'm living in a soap opera.<br />
    Oh well, I still have my cat named Gabby. She's a black cat.<br />
    She makes a noise and purrs every time you touch her.<br />
    Silly cat....<br />
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