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  • Artist Info: About Kay Haye:<br />
    <br />
    ~ Kay Haye does not enjoy modern music in general. Though <br />
    Amanda Palmer is very excellent. And hot. <3<br />
    ~ Kay Haye is known as Peduntic on Twitter. <br />
    ~ Kay Haye is quite possibly the most grumpy person in the world. But only during the winter.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye dislikes Twilight.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye reads far too much for her own good.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye is a celebrated, though as yet unpublished, writer. (But she still hasn't finished book no.1)<br />
    ~ Kay Haye is an atheist, and has a special disreagard for Catholicism. <br />
    ~ Kay Haye is slightly ashamed of being a Beatles fan. Just slightly.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye is liberal about basically everything.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye believes in honesty, which can often be interpreted as rudeness.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye is probably bisexual, but doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about it.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye speaks both English and Irish (Gaelic), and can say about ten things in German, mostly relating to how old she is, siblings and the weather. Exciting stuff!<br />
    ~ Kay Haye is currently on her Summer Holidays. The only benefit of being a part of the Irish educational system is 3-month Summer Holidays.<br />
    ~ Kay Haye loves eating, but perplexingy isn't fat at all. She will be when she's about thirty, I'll bet. -_-<br />
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