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  • Artist Info: H! Im kimihara aku otaku!real name kimilya! i love anime and manga, and my friends!i really wish to learn how to speak full japanese some day! im really a nice person, and a friendly, unless you get me mad.<br />
    Name:kimihara<br />
    Age:14 <br />
    Weapons:sword, dark sword, ice sword<br />
    Elements:ice and darkness<br />
    Ice Moves<br />
    Ice beam:I build up anywater to my hands while making a sign. I then blow out a one shot of ice in a from of a beam. When its hits it freezes everything within its targeted range. <br />
    Ice spikes:A very quick attack using a ground water source. When I place my hands on the source I can attack from anywhere underground with the ice freezing upwards making gaint ice spikes.<br />
    Ice sword:With the ice power build up I can place it on my sword trasforming it in to ice. When in a clash with any other weapon the ice my spead on the other person's weapon causing me to take it over.<br />
    Ice slash:When ice is build up on sword the power will focus within thw sword. Therefor making a downward strike or any headon attack powerful. It will finish of with mass ice spikes freezing the area which it hits.<br />
    Ice whip:As I build up amounts of water when focused in hand the ice will freeze up in to a power whip. When hit it freezes all is hits. <br />
    Hobbies: drawing, tennis, handball, taeknowndo, reading manga, watching anime, hanging out with friends, and video games
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