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  • Artist Info: This is where you comment me.<br />
    <br />
    Hii. I'm Nadia. Na-Di-A. <br />
    I like comments/PMS?<br />
    If you happen to be looking at my profile and you are not my friend, I demand you to add me.<br />
    You will usually find me in the GD, but I pop up in other forums too.<br />
    I am not poor. I am just saving up for something very expensive.<br />
    Also, half the songs on my playlist are rubbish to me now, but I cannot be bothered to get rid of them.<br />
    I am a very lazy person. I sit here nearly all day doing nothing.<br />
    I happen to have a dislike to Twilight after a few months of obsession.<br />
    My fav band is Paramore. I change fav's frequently.<br />
    My fav TV show is Top Gear, as proven in my signiture.<br />
    My fav film is 10 Things I Hate About You.<br />
    I am not good at my spelling due to my fast typing/fast writing.<br />
    I am also always bored. Get over it.<br />
    I hate Jonas Brothers. <br />
    I hate Miley Cyrus.<br />
    I hate anything to do with Disney.<br />
    My skin is tanned at the moment, which is very odd because I got that tan last year in Spain.<br />
    Um, I love a guy. Its funny, because he's not even real and he's sort of eccentric. Yet again, I am eccentric myself.<br />
    I'm not a nerd but I'm not stupid? I'm in the middle. I am very very retarted.<br />
    I am like a light switch. Turn me on, I'm happy. Turn me off, I'm moody. But generally, I'm on most of the time.<br />
    Other account is o_O Cupcakes O_o or something like that.<br />
    ByeBye. If you want to know anything else, just ask me. <br />
    <br />
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