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  • Artist Info: The name is **** yeahh see i dont want to give it out, so if you want to know just talk to me.<br />
    <br />
    I am a certain age, but am young...<br />
    Writting and reading are my passion, check out my story in the Areana would you?<br />
    I am tired of fake people and judging and people who think they know me<br />
    Family comes before anything else<br />
    I am Christian but i do listen to other religion views<br />
    Purple, blue, black, and bright colors are my colors<br />
    Music is what helps me through a lot of things<br />
    My family is the best, they are always there<br />
    My friends come to me because i wont share their secrets, they are not mine to say<br />
    My friends have said i give out good advice, so i am willing to listen even if i dont know you<br />
    God put me on this Earth to do something right, not to waste life away<br />
    I dont know everything, i dont know my talent, i am not perfect nor do i lead on to be perfect...i am an imprection that dances in the rain. <br />
    TO my haters, lovers, and pokemone players<br />
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