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  • Artist Info: I am...akeward at times? I don't like that noise on chalkboards (who does?). In fact, I don't even like chalk. Milk (especially whole milk) is disgusting to me, but chocolate milk is acceptable. Umm....I like the ocean, but only because of seashells...and lobster smile <br />
    I like movies, but nothing with Kevin Costner. His forehead disturbs me a little. And I love pasta, but spaghetti is...absolutely vial. I won't eat it. *Shudders<br />
    Ooh, I love music....Jazz is lovely, but I also like rock, classical, and a VERY tiny teaspoon of rap. But mostly, I love music from about the 50's. Or maybe the 80's...the 70's has good music, but very few songs. And the 60's has the Beach Boys, which is okay. <br />
    *Shrugs. That's about it, then...
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