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  • Artist Info: . i have 2 biological brothers 1 adopted sister, and 2 foster sisters (all younger than me)<br />
    . i have a cat named leela<br />
    . my favorite manga characters are: Gaara (naruto) and Kyou (fruits basket)<br />
    . my favorite book characters are: Drizzit (Dungens and Dragons:Legend of Drizzit), and Hermionie (Harry Potter)<br />
    . i see myself as having a cat-like parsonality: pretty calm/patient person with a hyper/playful and mad side <br />
    . i get bored very very easily and also as easily amused<br />
    . my favorite animals are cats, wolves, bats, and pandas<br />
    . i am 20yearsold, bisexual, and engaged 3nodding <br />
    . i have the best fiance in the world and i love him very much<br />
    . i tend to have a perverted mind<br />
    . my favorite tv shows are: Smallville, Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, once upon a time, game of thrones, and Criminal Minds<br />
    . i do not generally notice and/or care about the differences in gender. i see people for their personality... also dem titties xd <br />
    . i live and breathe music. i listen to pretty much anything and everything<br />
    . i love to travel. i visited egypt for 2 weeks about 5years ago<br />
    . i am working towards becoming an exotic animal vet so that i can work in the san diego zoo and kyak everyday cool <br />
    . i am currently a youtube addict, i just cannot stop watching sourcefed<br />
    . i am not christian (in fact i find it rather offensive when people assume that i am). i do not have any religion at all. im just not all that interested, but i do try to have an open mind regarding things beyond the realm of normality dramallama
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