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  • Artist Info: It's a little funny how much I update my About me.<br />
    Hello! My name is Savannah! 18 now. <br />
    Through the years my views have changed.. Currently trying to get in to Digipen, taking a semester off to put together a portfolio though razz And get monies for future apartment. <br />
    I am no protegee, I am just an average human on this big planet. I like to think I have a unique mind though, and maybe that will help me along the way.<br />
    On gaia I just like to talk and meet new people. I enjoy making new Avi's, I really love to Roleplay C:<br />
    My likes are anime and reading and of course Drawing.<br />
    My deviantart is AnimeCrazy2crazy if anyone sees this and feels like looking ^__^<br />
    <br />
    I do hope you add or chat with me if you are a fun person ^_~ <br />
    For more information on my like in anime, please see myanimelist.com and find Firesparkler227 XD <br />
    <br />
    Thank you for visiting!
    <br />
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