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  • Artist Info: Check out my blog: heart Http://raelyanew.blogspot.com heart <br />
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    Blowing my own trumpet<br />
    Baking, drawing, dancing, learning languages, learning random facts, positive thinking, can play the trumpet lol, making sweet AMV's, learning H!P dances<br />
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    Music<br />
    Verry ecclectic. European, Japanese, Chinese- pop, electronic, Eurobeat, disco, musical, bubble-gum pop, metal, synth, darkwave....lol =3<br />
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    About Me<br />
    Pretty much your unaverage 22 year old girl.. in almost every way possible. I don't smoke or do drugs<br />
    Avid animu fan, been a collector of music/episodes/pictures (also learning the language) for about... hmm 15 years. I draw quite alot.. I attended a lesbian school... yay.... and I was subjected to oestrogen filled peroxide heads on a daily basis, which was...humbling.<br />
    In the past year, I have dedicated myself fully to learning more Japanese, and can write and talk almost fluently (minus the awkward kanji, but I'm working on it).<br />
    I smile at everyone, give up my seat for people, give sweets to bus drivers- and I'm proud of it! It's best to be positive and go for things head-on with a stupid grin. It makes life more bearable ^^;<br />
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    Photo-phobic<br />
    Not scared of lights- scared of people taking my photo. Usually you'll just see a two fingered gesture. I don't know my good angle, so many pics turn out terrible. But I'm trying to be better so I can preserve my memories. I'll do my best not to hide!! ^^;;;;;;;;<br />
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    What makes me happy<br />
    Cuddled up, babbling in my sleep, falling asleep drinking Yazoo, Konkon gets suspicious, watching standup, listening to dramtic readings, Jirou hunting me, Aibon sleeping on my hand, Koshka rolling about, learning a new kanji, hennessy, playing videos games, hanging out with friends, reading, drawing pretty things, beautiful places and my beautiful daughter.<br />
    <br />
    Squibbles<br />
    I have squibbles leopard geckos Konkon, Aibon and Jirou. Konkon loves getting attention, Aibon loves getting peace and quiet- how quaint ^^ Jirou likes to hunt my cat ^p^<br />
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    Past<br />
    How fun- vampyrism, fetish photoshoots, slight weeabooness, rpgs, coffee, LOTR bonus dvd watchings, lemon fanfics and the segamegadrive!!!!!<br />
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