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  • Artist Info: ok im jeremy my last name and middle name are erelivent so dont ask them i live in louisiana i am 14 year old until september 20th plz send gifts <br />
    my fave color is blue of course ok if you realy wanna know my username came from the hunger games it is a book IT IS THA BEST im addicted to it the only book ive ever finished lol o h8 twilight and i sux realy hard ok <br />
    im suposed to be an angel so if you think i look gay then you can just go away i have an avii art shop look for it it is like peeta's art shop or something ok my fave word is ok ... ok <br />
    and w00t so i will not bump i will w00t and what not lol pm me before you random add me ill more then happy fill up my freinds list to the fullest acually that is my goal i know im just boring you so thats why i have a playlist on this profile over there &gt;.&gt; is a pic of me yes it is meh idc if you think its not because it is i will stand up for you if you get on my good side which is easy for any one i like im sure you will know when i like you i think its pretty obvious um thats all and i have my art that i have done aaaaaaaaallllllllllllll the way at the bottom of my profile lol GO CHECK IT OUT
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