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  • Artist Info: -I love to write and draw...read and play videogames...<br />
    -I am easily angered and loves to point out what's wrong with people. <br />
    -I come off as conceited and silent, but I'm actually pretty nice to the people who don't piss me off. <br />
    -I love to smile and laugh with people, though it's rare. <br />
    -Right now there's one person who loves me for who I am...I'm so lucky... heart <br />
    -Oh, and I do not appreciate any sort of hatemail about my signature, or newbs trying to hook up with me.<br />
    -No means No.
    <br />
    <br />
    -I LOVE candycorn....User Image<br />
    -Ohhhh...and did I mention I like bananas? User Image<br />
    -They are symbolic, man...<br />
    -Cookies are good, too...<br />
    -Damn, Kratos is fine. Kratos Aurion is sexy with his sexiness.<br />
    -Rinoa Heartilly is so cute!<br />
    -Squall is awesome with his awesomeness.<br />
    -Steven Tyler will aways be the sexiest rockstar to ever exist.<br />
    -......Don't make me choke you.<br />
    -I like the Ganguro subculture...<br />
    -I wear alot of black...Dx Porquoi???? lol<br />
    -I like books. ALOT <br />
    -????????<br />
    -Who the hell uses the word bigot in an argument?!!!!<br />
    -(Oh, dang. Alot of people.) Ew.<br />
    -Videogame music=cool....---some are<br />
    -I do not cuss in real life, but online I do to make my sentences funnier. <br />
    -I love Microsoft Paint!<br />
    -Rap haters are contagious...<br />
    -I love neon blue hair extensions...<br />
    -I enforce hugs! xD<br />
    -I have my own way of roleplaying. Not like most people's but, nehhhh....It's funner MY way!!!!<br />
    -My mind is corrupt from friends and their...experiences lol<br />
    -..............STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!<br />
    -Goodness. You noticed how good cheesecake is?<br />
    -Candycorn is yummy!<br />
    -............BANANAS~!<br />
    -Don't ask me stereotype questions...-__-" <br />
    -Don't do it, man. Don't do it...<br />
    -Angry profile comments make me very happy on the inside.<br />
    -I hate it when people ask the same question a thousand times.<br />
    -Think I'm mean? <br />
    -Then I have no idea what to tell you...<br />
    -Well, that's about it...
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    *looks at you* &gt;=/ You're still here??? Hmmm... <br />
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