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    Hi, I'm Kathlyn. Call me Kat. Filipina. I can't promise you that I'll always have your back, but I can assure you that I can put a smile on your face. Simple, random, boring girl. Try getting a conversation out of me and you'll change your mind on how boring I am.. Maybe. ;] I love pikachu & kirby, but not as much as pandas. Lmfao. I'll keep your secrets, even if you do anything bitchy or rude to me. Too forgiving. God lover. Beginner at guitar. How're the Vocals? See for yourself.. Ask to hear me sing. Save the drama for your mama or even maybe a llama. ;] Talk to me, I don't bite.. hard. &lt;3 But seriously, talk to me. I'm usually REALLY bored. ;3<br />
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    Oh and one more thing. No chain mails please, or I'll kill you. ;]<br />
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    I'm Ugly. &lt;3<br />
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