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    ~ ♡ т σ к к ι ' s ♡ ρ я σ ғ ι ℓ є ♡ ~<br />
    (Open to Public So You Can Judge Me)
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    About Me ♡<br />
    Gaia Name: Tokki ( aka. Angelz ) FORMERLY KNOWN AS oxGuardian_Angelzxo<br />
    Best Friends in Real Life on Gaia: Lemon, TQ, RoG, Miso, OJ, Joe, & Sunshine (MDHS FTW)<br />
    Awesome Gaian Friends: Zelda, Radiant, Cow (IWOR3), Dinos, Crow, Rainn, Maka, Nyett, Sookie, Johny, Shimmering, Lightning, Delirious, l son zack l, those NUR people, & others<br />
    Most Likely Found In: The Exchange, Marketplace, Guilds, Gaia Aquarium, Dressing Room<br />
    Status: Female | 1X | Taken ♥ | Straight-ish | CBC | Artist/Musician/Giftie<br />
    Top Tags:<br />
    #KPOP #NARUTO #ATLA/LOK #Yummies<br />
    #B2ST #Yoseob #SasuSaku #SasoDei #SasuNaru #SasoDeiSaku #AkaSaku #Akatsuki #Zutara #Tokka #Makorra #Howrra #Asian Food
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    n_n<br />
    (o_o)<br />
    O_O<br />
    " On hiatus ! PM for Skype stuff : ) "
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    <br />
    And this is where my LIKES/DISLIKES would be if I didn't delete them ( my face just went red reading the things i typed years ago ) ^_^<br />
    <br />
    SASORI FANGIRL ALERT ♥ I drew this because he really deserves more love :3
    <br />
    And he shouldn't have been the first Akatsuki and Edo Tensei to die ugh<br />
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    User Image
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    Loves &lt;3 :<br />
    &gt; My Friends and Family ( love yous )<br />
    &gt; Furries (especially Bunnies xD)<br />
    &gt; Donations/ Donaters/ Donating *kekeke*<br />
    &gt; ROLEPLAYIN'<br />
    &gt; YOU ;D LOL<br />
    &gt; Night Clubs / Sing K O:<br />
    &gt; People who smile at you and makes you blush o///o ( even if they don't know who they are &lt;3 )<br />
    &gt; Folding thousands of stars even though you know your wish might not come true..<br />
    &gt; Cute Love Quotes<br />
    &gt; Puppy Eyes :3<br />
    &gt; Hanging around in guilds, threads, towns ( hehe dressing up as a newbie to confuse ppl xD )<br />
    &gt; ( mkay, my friend told me to put this up: ) HAWT ASIAN GUYS LOLOL (hehe so true &lt;3 )<br />
    &gt; Dyed Hair (:<br />
    &gt; YANG YOSEOB ♥ ♥ ♥<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes D:&lt; : <br />
    &gt; Deleters/Haters/Ignorers/Blockers &lt;/3<br />
    &gt; Furry-Haters &gt;:<br />
    &gt; Beggers/Hackers<br />
    &gt; Homework & Exams o3o<br />
    &gt; Waiting for message/text/forum/roleplay replies ( omg hurry up already ! &gt;&lt; )<br />
    &gt; People don't read the rules ( WTF )<br />
    &gt; Well, actually, i don't "hate" anything. it's such a strong word. so love those that love you and love those that don't. 'cuz deep inside, maybe they do (:<br />
    &gt; Sasaeng Fans... D:&lt;
    <br />
    <br />
    Random profile comments and even friend requests are loved &lt;3 ( you can never have too many friends ^_^ )<br />
    * -- I'm questing 5OOO profile comments ♥ Leave me one please ? --*
    <br />
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