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  • Artist Info: *waves* Hi. Nice to meet you!<br />
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    I'm, as you've probably guessed, lildawni. I'm 26, I live in Australia (Brisbane) and although I'm currently on disability support, I worked for five years in the childcare industry. When I'm better, I'll probably go right back to it, too. smile <br />
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    I'm into a variety of creative pursuits, and I'm starting to expand into areas I'd always considered myself useless at and hence found frustrating. The bad news is, I'm still not good at them; the good news is that I'm finding enjoyment in them anyway. These days when I'm feeling creative you could find me doing any of the following: beading (particularly jewellery), making sequin ornaments, papercraft and making cards, drawing, painting, experimenting with photography, writing, making websites or graphics, or just playing with digital art in general.<br />
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    I'm currently questing for my dream avatar; a solid representation of a self view I hold quietly but firmly.<br />
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