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  • Artist Info: As the mist clears, I see a figure of in the distance. Her golden essence simply glows. Her name echoes in my head, and I whisper it to myself, "MorganVivien08..."<br />
    -------Ok Srry that was so totally random! :3<br />
    My name is *BZZZT NONE OF YUR BEEZENEZ*, I am 15, AND I LUV FMA!!!!!!!!!!!! O MA GAWD EWARD ELRIC IS IS SO DANG HOT!!!! *ahem* I mean, Ed is really cool... Yah...<br />
    Uh... When I'm not reading manga, or watching anime, I'm on youtube, and when I'm not doning that, I'm<br />
    drawing, and writing, and when I'm not doing that, I'm drawing, and when I'm not doing that, I'm hanging with friends, and when I'm not doing that, well, I'm doing this I guess, and when I'm not doing that...<br />
    (Woah! Total run-on sentence!)<br />
    Ok I'm just gonna stop talkin now...<br />
    ...Ok I'm done now I swear!
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