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  • Artist Info: My favourite Movie's are Pan''s Labyrinth, Sweeny Todd, and Underworld 1,2 and rise of the Lycan's. <br />
    My favourite games are Chibi robo, (i cant wait for the Wii re release) the ledgend of Zelda twilight princess, (I think I waited about four years for it) the ledgend of Zelda wind waker, Pokemon blue, resident evil 4, final fantasy 4 (ds), the ledgend of Zelda phantom hour glass, kingdom hearts 2 and Final fantasy 12.<br />
    My favorite anime are Spirited away, Grave of the fire flies, fruits basket and the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. <br />
    My favorite manga are death note and ouran high school host club.<br />
    My favourite tv shows are Supernatural and Dexter.<br />
    My favourite book's are Jacky daydream, Wicked, A series of unfortunate events and Harry Potter and the prisoner of Askaban.
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