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  • Artist Info: i have blonde hair blue eyes im 17 im in the 12th grade im 5 ft 8 <br />
    just measured nah im jk i didnt just measure i know im sporty i run in track im skinny i think i go to spotswood high school in virginia i live in grottoes my fav color is red i got all great friends in r/l real life and on gaia i have no bf yet on gaia but looking for one i am my top friends r bballer04 ReReReena and AricLecious there all cool and the other people r friends there cool but i dont hang out with them as much so these people r my top friends if u hang out with me enough u could become part of my top friends to like the people i named there funny nice and cool people to hang out with ReReReena is my best friend we hang out and have a good time together as friends aric comes and hangs out with us alot but sometimes he's busy so he cant i do sell stuff and buy stuff so if u ask me u can buy some of mine or ill buy something of urs i also trade only if i think its a good deal i never would do a bad deal my favorite singer is avril lavigne i have tons of her line of clothes and my favorite boy singer is eminem except he's sortve a singer he's like a singer and rapper i have tons of posters of him ask me anythin u want about them i will try to anwser ur question if i know the anwser if u wanna be my friend just pm me message that means or send me a friend request i will try to accept as soon as i can and if u message me i will reply and get to u as soon as i can if u hav any questions about anything just ask me ill try to anwser it and i speak some spanish im pure american white and im not racist but i do have my beliefs in god and wats in the bible
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