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    Hello , dear stranger ~<br />
    I have many names .<br />
    Most of which are personal nicknames from my friends and family .<br />
    Though , you may call me what you like , my most common name online is Shoo .<br />
    If you ' d like to get more familiar you may call me Randii .<br />
    I don ' t add random people .<br />
    Talk to me first I don ' t bite . . .<br />
    For the most part .<br />
    I DO NOT date online .<br />
    It ' s stupid .<br />
    Do not beg for donations unless you are a close friend .<br />
    I believe in love , but only for one .<br />
    Do I have a lot of " Junk in the trunk " ? <br />
    No .<br />
    I have seven problems , and you are five of them .<br />
    I enjoy making dry sarcastic remarks .<br />
    Why yes , I do frequently break out into song .<br />
    I often talk to myself .<br />
    I ' m atheist .<br />
    I ' m a pervert .<br />
    I ' m obsessed with the kool aid man and am currently married to him . <br />
    I suffer from insomnia .<br />
    I ' m that mysterious third gender which nobody knows about .<br />
    Life is like a pack of gum ; I have yet to figure out why .<br />
    Note to self : It ' s illegal to stab people for being stupid .<br />
    I love my hair . <br />
    I like to dress different .<br />
    And no , I ' m not calling for attention .<br />
    Don ' t take life too seriously ,<br />
    Nobody makes it out alive anyway .<br />
    My last words are going to be " Fuck your shit ! "<br />
    For reasons I don ' t know .<br />
    You should probably run away from me .<br />
    I' m pretty fucked up .<br />
    Nande ?<br />
    I don ' t suffer from insanity . . . I enjoy every minute of it .<br />
    I 'm very weird .<br />
    I like randomness .<br />
    Suicide is a beautiful art .<br />
    I love to draw .<br />
    It is my passion .<br />
    I draw manga / anime style .<br />
    I ' m OK at drawing realistically ,<br />
    Not the best .<br />
    I love Japan ,<br />
    And can speak the language for the most part , can write a little .<br />
    No , I won ' t teach you .<br />
    I love Japanese street fashion .<br />
    I love to write .<br />
    I started with fanfictions and yaoi then moved on to RPing .<br />
    I RP a lot .<br />
    Maybe I 'll RP with you if you ask .<br />
    I can put my emotions into my writing , since I have trouble doing so through words .<br />
    I ' d rather spell out things rather than use computer talk .<br />
    Although ,<br />
    I don ' t mind computer talk as much .<br />
    Music is life .<br />
    Life is music .<br />
    I can ' t live without it .<br />
    I hate country and rap .<br />
    I like a little bit of screamo and K-Pop ,<br />
    But mostly Techno music , and because of my love for Japan , J - Rock and J - Pop ,<br />
    Yes , I ' ll recommend bands .<br />
    I now am learning how to play bass guitar .<br />
    I love singing .<br />
    I have a knack for singing in different languages .<br />
    Mostly Japanese and German .<br />
    Sarcasm is my first language , not English .<br />
    I hate the national language , shoot me for it .<br />
    I space out .<br />
    When I ' m bored , I say weird things .<br />
    I ' m shy .<br />
    I have multiple personalities .<br />
    I hate school .<br />
    I hate boys from the waist down ,<br />
    Honestly it scares me .<br />
    I have an evil glare ,<br />
    It scares little kids away .<br />
    I like being alone .<br />
    I love Pokemon .<br />
    I LOVE ZELDA !<br />
    I like pandas .<br />
    I love the rain .<br />
    Candy makes me crunk .<br />
    I love McDonalds ,<br />
    It rocks my socks .<br />
    I love sunsets , they make me think .<br />
    I prefer night over day .<br />
    I play video games . Mostly anime style .<br />
    Pixels are secks .<br />
    Roses are romantic .<br />
    Coffee is my drug .<br />
    I hate the sun . It ' s too hot .<br />
    I hate stalkers ,<br />
    They creep me out .<br />
    I want to kill posers . Badly .<br />
    I fear bugs , All of them .<br />
    If you actually read that whole long list then your a dork .<br />
    But I love you .<br />
    Let's have Pokemon babies together .<br />
    ' Cause yeah . I love you that much .<br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
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    <br />
    User ImageAnd that's how clouds make babies .<br />
    <br />
    ICONS .<br />
    COMING SOON .<br />
    <br />
    User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image<br />
    &lt; C O M M E N T D A M N I T &gt;<br />
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