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  • Artist Info: Uhm so ya...my name is Terri, but you can call me Pandora if you want. I really dont care...<br />
    I love hard rock only, am sooo tired of country, and have always hated rap, ALWAYS. My idol/type/person is Edgar Allen Poe, I absolutely love his poems, and they inspired me to write my own poems. I also write songs...<br />
    My favorite celebrities are Johnny Depp and Jacoby Shaddix.<br />
    I like vampires, but I am soooo tired of Twilight, the books were amazing, and i fell in love with them, but then the movie came out and it sucked, then all the preps thought they liked it, too...it kinda ruined the whole thing for me.<br />
    I draw some pictures, but they aren't so much pictures, as they are my emotions.<br />
    I am not very intresting, so I don't really have anything else to say...
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