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  • Artist Info: Ello , I'm Stella<br />
    My real name is Cheyenne Jordan . <br />
    I'm 12 years old .<br />
    My Birthday is January 7th .<br />
    I Was born in British Colombia<br />
    i'm brunette .<br />
    My eye colour is blueish green .<br />
    My skin is really pale .<br />
    My favorite colours are Purple and Black .<br />
    My favorite TV show is Supernatural .<br />
    Favorite book is the Twilight Saga .<br />
    Favorite movie is Twilight .<br />
    My favorite sports are Soccer ,Vollyball and Basketball .<br />
    Music is my life .. i listen to almost everything .. my current favorite is Evenesence .<br />
    i love to talk to people ... so feel free to Private Message me .<br />
    i come on gaia everyday ..<br />
    I don't change for anybody. <br />
    If you don't like who I am, then thats too bad. <br />
    I'll be who I want. <br />
    thats about it .. <br />
    not much else to say ..<br />
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