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  • Artist Info: Let me just say that i make friends easily and i am really fun but i get aggrivated easily. And me name iz Jazmine but i wanna be called Jazzy i dont know why just respect it okay!!<br />
    umm im also kinda wierd i <br />
    like music<br />
    if i could find out how to put my playlists on here i would so if you know how please tell me so i can share them with people<br />
    my fave radio station is 94.7<br />
    you don't need to know where i live and the people who i actually know don't need to care because i'm not going anywhere far if anything<br />
    i like to recieve gifts 3nodding <br />
    umm...oh yea and,...<br />
    ...sorry bout that<br />
    <br />
    more info:<br />
    Likes: friends; goofing off; music; squishing kids in school (inside joke, *Raquel*); annoying people; biting people; yelling at my dad's fat cat<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes: people; getting caught in big crowds of people who walk straight into me; stereotipical people; people talking bad about me or any of my friends (i'll cut you); people who insist on being LOUD at all times; not being able to embed my playlist on my gaia profile
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