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  • Artist Info: Art: a medium in which Humanity can be expressed, A product of human creativity which captures the emotions, beauty, pain, passion, loves of life. One of the reasons why life is so enriching and inspiring, something anyone from any walk of life, no matter how skilled can take part in. Life<br />
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    Art can sometimes be taken for granted, viewed as something frivolous, considered "electives" in school and sometimes not even offered at all. Instead so many people go through life taking "core classes," math and science thinking that's all they need to get through life, as they memorize useless facts their creativity is becoming chained and forgotten. I witness so many beautiful, silly, emotional, adorable, hardcore, pictures here on gaia, I see pieces some artist claim are just "doodles" but are so inspiring to others, yet they go unseen rated a simple number out of 5 and passed on by, already forgotten by the viewer. Why can't we take the time and look at these inspiring Windows into the human creativity, rediscover feelings we've forgotten and remember what its like to create art and become an individual. <br />
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    I don't claim to be a great artist, in fact I think myself an extreme novice, but I want to help anyone out, anyone who loves art, or who is willing to get in touch with it, if only for a little while. I want to talk with you all! I aspire to look at your pieces and give you criticism and compliments, to interpret it, while others claim your "wasting your time" I will support you and claim right on back that your finding yourself and how could that be a waste of time?
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