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  • Artist Info: I'm now shorter that almost everyone I know.. But I'm blonde, I got some bright blue eyes that change color frequently, and well... I don't know.<br />
    Im shy and really quiet in front of people, but when I get with my friends... Complete opposite. smile I hate Twilight, but I'm sorta a fan of the books. I read them before there was a 'Team Jacob' or 'Team Edward'. I read a lot too, any series of mystery or fiction. If you don't know me well, you at least know I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. biggrin I've read the series at least 7 times.. No exaggeration. cool <br />
    I read and write poetry and I'm about to start writing another novel. Let's just hope this one won't be stolen and then lost.. crying Anyway, I will be starting in just a few days smile Wish me luck.<br />
    On another, happier, note, I'm practically obssessed with stickers. I put them on people, on myself, on everything I own. I also live for music. Music goes arrow , I die wahmbulance I like a lot of different types, just anything but country, gospel, songs where you can't even understand the lyrics.. You understand.<br />
    I'm not a big fan of people, to be honest redface , I like being with only one or two people at a time. Very rarely will I ever be found with more than 5 people willingly sweatdrop , and that only with my old friends friends from maybe 7 years ago 3nodding <br />
    However, my cousins I will be with anytime. They're my favourite people in whole world biggrin They're like me in a lot of ways: awkward around other people, constantly gaming whenever possible, stupid when we're all together.. They're basically my best friends, the closest people I have. We can be over protective but in the past two years we've gotten in a lot of trouble protecting each other so.. We kinda let it go a bit more and aren't too aggressive anymore sweatdrop <br />
    But yeah. My family rules. 4laugh <br />
    <br />
    So that's a lot about me I guess surprised <br />
    Enjoy my llama dramallama
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