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  • Artist Info: Hello! My name is Erin! I live in California.<br />
    Some basics about me is that I luv to listen to music. My favorite singer is Avril Lavigne. I also luv Kerli, Lady GaGa, and Ke$ha. My favorite movie is The Outsiders! That's the best movie in the history of movies. Seriously. My biggest obsession ever! Go Johnny Cade! I also luv the Maximum Ride series. It's the best books ever! Go Fang! &lt;3<br />
    My favorite color is black, but I am not emo. Or goth. I just like black. <br />
    I don't have a BF, and I don't want one until 16, 'cause that is the proper age. For you young daters out there... your making a life-scarring decision.<br />
    I luv my friend+family, animals, and I would like to be vegetarian, but I luv the taste of cow too much. Sorry moo-moos.<br />
    I also make the best brownies ever. If you think you make good brownies, try mine, and you'll think twice.<br />
    So, have a happy day, and I hope you enjoy this profile and it's music and videos for display! Thanks for dropping by!<br />
    Peace out!<br />
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