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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Oh herro there.<br />
    What brings you to my Magical Wonderland? (:<br />
    If you're wondering, I might seem moody/emotional/bipolar. ^^;;<br />
    Writing is a passion of mine by the way... Like oneshots.<br />
    If you wanna see some of my fail art, just ask.<br />
    I AM A YAOI FANGIRL~!!!<br />
    Yaoi = Boy x Boy = Love, sexy, adorable, cute, couples. ;D<br />
    Sexy like Kazuya Kamenashi!? ( Me: ASDFGHJK;... WHERE?! 8D )<br />
    I live in Los Angeles a.k.a. The Polluted City<br />
    I'm an age that is two digits, but I'm not older than twenty. o-o<br />
    I have... Mixed feelings for my parents... I usually dislike my dad. :T<br />
    When I come of age, I am running away with my friends... All of us together.<br />
    Music is my passion and religion.<br />
    I love all of my friends, and most of my family.<br />
    Do you like my profile? :3<br />
    Comment? Add? Chat? Role-play with me? x)<br />
    ...CHANGE OF SUBJECT...<br />
    Trust is something that you have to earn from me. Only two people on Gaia know my real age, and they both have earned it. (;<br />
    If you can survive reading this whole thing, then I respect you.<br />
    If you like Halloween, Valentine's day, Winter and Fall, I'll love you. ;D<br />
    If you love the Happy Monsters Tumblr like I do, will you be my friend? C:<br />
    More questions?<br />
    Feel free to ask. ^^<br />
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