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  • Artist Info: Soul has white hair swept to one side, and red eyes. He is known for his heavily exaggerated facial expressions and pointed teeth. He naturally has a lazy, droopy, and somewhat uninterested expression on his face, especially his eyes. He usually wears a yellow and black jacket, a sweatband around his head that has a sticker with his name on and a round logo featuring a red-lipped mouth bearing pointed fangs surrounded with the letters 'E-A-T', a pair of maroon pants, and yellow and black sneakers with a pattern resembling his teeth. In episode 14, it's revealed that he wears blue boxers with pictures of bones all over them (a reference to Ohkubo's previous manga, B. Ichi). When seen bare-chested or naked, it is shown that he has stitches on his torso. These are from the operation Professor Stein preformed after Crona attacked him during their first encounter.<br />
    His soul is light blue with the top resembling his hair and is also the Soul Eater series logo. It can be seen on his first jacket.<br />
    Beyond episode 25 and chapter 24, Soul wears a hairband with new clothing consisting of a black (apparently leather) jacket, an orange t-shirt with the logo on his sweatband emblazoned on the left breast (this may only be visible in episode 49 when he collapses) and a pair of light brown pants, instead of his original headband and old clothing.<br />
    In his Spartoi outfit, Soul has kept to his fondness of wearing a jacket. This time, it's a custom, white (possibly military) jacket, with the Spartoi logo on the left shoulder and a small belt strapped to the collar, for closing. Underneath the jacket, he wears a tucked-in, closed, white, dress-shirt with a tie. He is normally seen without the jacket on. He wears blue pants, white belt, and white shoes.<br />
    When he meets with the Little Ogre inside of him, Soul wears a pin-stripped black suit with a red shirt, black tie, and matching black shoes.<br />
    Upon entering the first Chapter of Lust in the Book of Eibon alongside Maka and other members of Spartoi, his appearance greatly changed in that his gender was switched to female for the remainder of the Chapter of Lust. In this form, he greatly resembles Maka, having long hair with a fluffy hairband visible beneath. He wears clothes similar to Maka's Spartoi outfit, with the sailor suit collar, with the difference that it is a dress and not a uniform.<br />
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