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  • Artist Info: Hullo thar. I are teh loverly North Winds. You can call me North Winds, Northie, NW, or Ericka Rose. InuYasha is Love. <3 He has a super fast pass. ;D I have a slight obsession with mudkips. Link from LoZ Is also sexy... but has gay tendencies. Ahaha Umm... I love L from death note and Hikaru and Karu(sp?) from Ouran Highschool Host Club. I'm also pedophile for Little/teen Gohan from DBZ.... And little Goku.... And little Vegeta. Aha <3 I'm also starting to get into One Piece. Luffy is amazing. <3 I like drawing and video games and writing and anime and cooking and my friends and shopping and money and aminals and men. Mmm. Men. <3 Ahahaha So yeah. smile <br />
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