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  • Artist Info: It's okay if you don't like to read. In the big text are basic things that you should know about me. But if you would like to know anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.<br />
    If you don't have a nickname for me then you can call me Tiffany or Kyung Mi. My surname is Nguyen.<br />
    Well, for those who want to know more about my name, my parents are Vietnamese so my surname is Nguyen. As for my given name, I was given two names before birth but, when I was born, they decided on Tiffany since it suited me well as I resembled a goddess. Then, when I grew up, my Korean friend nicknamed me Kyung Mi which means beauty.<br />
    I'm an eighteen year old girl.<br />
    Yes, I am a girl. Not a guy in a girl avatar.<br />
    I wear glasses and I used to have braces.<br />
    Yes, I do sound like a nerd but, like any other Asian, I am actually pretty smart too, haha. Oh but, I do actually look good in glasses. The braces came off a few years ago by the way. And just as a little something extra, I have two piercings on my left ear and one on my right.<br />
    I'm Vietnamese but I was born in Ontario in Canada.<br />
    So technically I'm Vietnamese-Canadian? Half Vietnamese, half Canadian as my parents were born in Vietnam, although some say that I look part European.<br />
    Well, that's all for now. bye byee ;D<br />
    By the way, I'm bilingual. I know English, Vietnamese, basic french, a little bit of Korean, and a little bit of Japanese.
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