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  • Artist Info: Hey. Okay, this is my first ever profile so forgive me if i mess up. A few things about me: i only use foul laungage in proper cases. So you wont catch me f-bombing. Please dont put up a comment with foul language in it. Dont send me a friend request unless you have talked to me. I wont even answer. I want to get to know you first. Also, even if it seems like i dont want to interact, thats not the case. I want to get to know everyone.<br />
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    I absolutely ADORE Firefly. It is my most favoritest show ever. But it got cancled in 2003. There were only 12 episodes aired but 14 episodes made. But the upside is . . . MY MOM BOUGHT THE DVDS!!!!!!! So that is absolutely and perfectly completely AMAZING!!!!! My favorite movie is a tie batween Titantic ( I cry EVERY TIME I see it. Its so sad.) and Gladiator ( See above.) i like Inuyasha, which i am reading online ^_^. <br />
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