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  • Artist Info: im KiKKi rolleyes not KiKi<br />
    xd <br />
    i like anime alot whee no LOVE ANIME 4laugh <br />
    i have alot of cool friends whee <br />
    i live in oklahoma i want to go live in japan exclaim <br />
    i have alot of gaia family on here 4laugh i love them<br />
    biggrin i like to play zomg exclaim no love to wahmbulance <br />
    sweatdrop unnnn<br />
    im one of the kid guardians 3nodding im the red one twisted <br />
    so ya bye cool <br />
    if u want to know more email me? mrgreen <br />
    xd red as blood , blood like less makes me bloodless exclaim
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