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    Hey,how are ya? Thanks for comin' <br />
    im Brandon<br />
    im single ..<br />
    write me a hack? ill write you one (:<br />
    Please do not jock D;&lt;<br />
    and i dont accept random <br />
    friend request..... especially<br />
    when your profo` is on private (:<br />
    Im 1_ years young...ill tell if you ask.<br />
    My fav color is green...<br />
    Ima diver (: pretty awesome right?<br />
    well ima go (:<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    hmmm. about brandon.where should i start?<br />
    About how hes so amazing?How about how funny he is?Or maybe how he always makes me happy when im sad? no, none of those. Brandon is to much for words to handle (; im not gonna lie, hes a pretty<br />
    cool kid ive been friends with him for about a year<br />
    and ive loved every minute of it. I cant honestly say that ill still be friends with him in 5 years (: i never want us to stop being friends Because hes been the best friend ive ever had &lt;3 well i guess your tired of reading this now so i hope that if you arent already friends with him youll get to know him because youll love him. who doesnt? ( surprised hh and brandon, we will<br />
    go to canada and bring Ernie one day (:<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Ayeeh♥ iT`s yhhur ghirly Tessy - <br />
    Hacking her swim buddy Brandyboo's acc♥ ;] <br />
    yee BRANDON isshis name. Needme to spell it out for u? <br />
    B-R-A-N-D-O-N;; this dude walks to his own tune ♪ <br />
    But keep it out of yo'mouth (: <br />
    iOWN him♥ x] haha (: i called dibs first! <br />
    Well he walks around his house in a speedo ;; <br />
    OR so i`ve heard : D! isn't that right buttermuffin? <br />
    We both live in a seksy town, <br />
    in a hot neighborhood, <br />
    in the 2hottest housesss. We are neighbors. <br />
    JUST kidding ( : BUT i wish i knew this kid irl. <br />
    U'd better watch out. We`d tear that town down : P <br />
    He dives. i swim. TOGETHER we are SBFL's ✓ <br />
    Swim Buddies For Life. Bonnie&Clyde,, Jackell&Hyde. <br />
    Teehee (: MMKAY, i could go one forever;; <br />
    but i doubt anyone'd want that (: ILYSFM babycakes x] <br />
    You were just hacked by tess♥ -;;RedDog Out - <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Heyyy this is Jordyn hacking my bestest bud Brandon. When I meant him I could tell he was gonna be in my life for awhile or mabey even forever. Hes a very understanding guy. When I have my moments and I get mad he doesn't give up to make me happy. If any of you girls get the chance to be with him you better take it, because he is the greatest guy around. Well i'll be off. ~Jordyn&lt;3<br />
    savanna-<br />
    Ello,Its SAVANNAtelling you about BRANDON hea.Ive know this boy almost 2 years me,him,kelly and manuel hung out 247 and thats when i got to know him kind of o-o.Idk why but i usally call him brendon but oh well hes a brendon brandon we to me [:<br />
    ~Savanna waz hear on June - 22 - 2010 6:08<br />
    <br />
    Art:<br />
    User Image<br />
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