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        <br />
      • Love anime and manga and music and xianxia and wuxia novels~! whee <br />
        Currently questing the Lake Kindred Kin! &lt;3<br />
        I've been on gaia since 2009! Gosh i feel old! xD<br />
        Will accept new friends if i know who you are or talked to you before~! xd <br />
        Also, i am sometimes- if not most of the time- distracted and might forget about you Entirely if you don't talk to me for a long time~! sweatdrop <br />
        I might wonder who this person is on my friend list and erase you Accidentally~! ^o^ <br />
        Bunnies *o*<br />
        User Image User Image User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image<br />
        Credits for the art goes to Xuxu Malachi<br />
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