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  • Artist Info: Basics<br />
    Name: Allie<br />
    Date of Birth: 3/16<br />
    Birthplace: USA<br />
    Current Location: California<br />
    Eye Color: Brown<br />
    Hair Color: Brown<br />
    Height: 5'5<br />
    Heritage: American<br />
    Piercings: 2<br />
    Tattoos: None Yet<br />
    <br />
    Favorites<br />
    Band/Singer: My Chemical Romance <br />
    Song: The bird and the worm.<br />
    Movie: Mouin Rouge <br />
    Disney Movie: Ponyo<br />
    TV show: Daria<br />
    Color: Black/ Purple<br />
    Food: Ham burger <br />
    Pizza topping: Not like pizza<br />
    Ice-Cream Flavor: Mint & Chip<br />
    Drink: orange juice <br />
    Soda: Coca Cola<br />
    Store: 5 and diamond <br />
    Clothing Brand: Steam trunk<br />
    Shoe Brand: Shoes made by me and Jaxon<br />
    Season: Fall<br />
    Month: October<br />
    Holiday/Festival: Halloween<br />
    Flower: Rose<br />
    Make-Up Item: eyeliner <br />
    Board game: Candy land<br />
    <br />
    This or That<br />
    Sunny or rainy: Rainy<br />
    Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate<br />
    Fruit or veggie: Fruit<br />
    Night or day: Night<br />
    Sour or sweet: Sweet<br />
    Love or money: Love<br />
    Phone or in person: In Person<br />
    Looks or personality: Personality<br />
    Coffee or tea: Tea<br />
    Hot or cold: Hot<br />
    <br />
    Your<br />
    Goal for this year: FINISH MANGA<br />
    Most missed memory: My Auntie Pam (R.I.P.)<br />
    Best physical feature: Boobs ^^' <br />
    First thought waking up: CRAP MY HAIR<br />
    Hypothetical personality disorder: ADHD KIDD :3<br />
    Preferred type of plastic surgery: None<br />
    Sesame street alter ego: Oscar the Grouch<br />
    Fairytale alter ego: Peter pan<br />
    Most stupid remark: I swear to drunk im not god<br />
    Worst crime: Being too damn cool <br />
    Greatest ambition: Being an art teacher <br />
    Greatest fear: Rejection/Failure<br />
    Darkest secret: ...... I'm scared of the quite <br />
    Favorite subject: Art<br />
    Strangest received gift: BARBIE DOLL<br />
    Worst habit: bite nails<br />
    <br />
    Do You<br />
    Smoke: Nope<br />
    Drink: A little<br />
    Curse: A bit<br />
    Shower daily: Yus?<br />
    Like thunderstorms: Love 'em<br />
    Dance in the rain: Every time<br />
    Sing: Yesh<br />
    Play an instrument: Used to<br />
    Get along with your parents: I try to<br />
    Wish on stars: Nope<br />
    Believe in fate: Yesh<br />
    Believe in love at first sight: ALWAYS<br />
    <br />
    Can You<br />
    Drive: No<br />
    Sew: Yushness<br />
    Cook: Yes<br />
    Speak another language: Yes<br />
    Dance: I think <br />
    Sing: I'd like to think so<br />
    Touch your nose with your tongue: No<br />
    Whistle: Yes<br />
    Curl your tongue: No<br />
    <br />
    Have You Ever<br />
    Been Drunk: Yeppers <br />
    Been Stoned/High: Never <br />
    Eaten Sushi: Yep<br />
    Been in Love: Yes ♥<br />
    Skipped school: Not that I can remember<br />
    Made prank calls: TOTALLLY<br />
    Sent someone a love letter: Yes ♥♥<br />
    Stolen something: once <br />
    Cried yourself to sleep: ehhh to much<br />
    <br />
    Other Questions<br />
    What annoys you most in a person? HUGE EGO<br />
    Are you right or left handed? Righty<br />
    What is your bedtime? I don't have one~<br />
    Name three things you can't live without:<br />
    --------1. My Friends <br />
    --------2. My cell phone <br />
    --------3. ART<br />
    What is the color of your room? purple <br />
    Do you have any siblings? Yes<br />
    Do you have any pets? Yep ^u^<br />
    Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? HELL YES<br />
    What is your middle name? Carry<br />
    What are your nicknames? Prussia, Usagi, baka, cupcake, missmachinegun<br />
    Are you for or against gay marriage? LET THERE BE GAYS :3<br />
    What are your thoughts on abortion? To each her own :3<br />
    Do you have a crush on anyone? MAybe~~~]<br />
    Are you afraid of the dark? No<br />
    How do you want to die? by cheese grader <br />
    What is the largest amount of Popsicles that you have eaten on one day? 4<br />
    Would you take a bullet for the one you love? YES<br />
    What is the last law you’ve broken? Not obeying the speed limit? JayWALKEN<br />
    <br />
    In a Member of the Opposite Sex<br />
    Hair color: Any<br />
    Eye color: Any<br />
    Height: Taller than Me ;3<br />
    Weight: Doesn't Matter <br />
    Most important physical feature: face<br />
    Biggest turn-off: Mean, rude, vain
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