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  • Artist Info: Let's see....I think (I think....). I breathe, eat, sleep....Besides that, I'm in partial IB (Right now I'm taking IB English, IB Math Studies, and IB German 4.), I fence epee and occasionally foil, and I write. A lot. I also doodle on anything in front of me when I'm bored. <br />
    I've got the best family/friends/boyfriend anyone could ask for! XD My family is a bunch of lunatics that despite being quite strange are awesome. My good friends live far away. A couple live literally half way across the world. My boyfriend Bryon is a great guy. He cares for just about everyone, and is a total goofball. He's also very romantic. Not only is he the sweetest guy ever, but he's got some very beautiful green eyes....<br />
    Oh, and if you have time, you should check out my stuff on deviantart.com. I don't have all the computer programs like photoshop and stuff, so my work isn't as cool, but I paint, draw, and take pictures. <br />
    EbonyDreamIvory on DeviantArt<br />
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