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  • Artist Info: Hi~! I'm a 14 year old otaku who love to draw, write, make videos, and talk to friends. Cosplaying is on of my fave thing to do as well. I am very serious toward things I believe in, but if you choose to get to know me, I'm a really nice person, I act the same on the computer as I do in real life. I know Kumi,Sakura-chan and Chibi-Cara in realy life,, you can even ask them. I love to chat, but I will not take crap from anyone, so please treat others the way you want to be treated ne? I do know japanese, I rarely lie, I do know how to draw, but I can't think when I do or they turn out like crap(ALSO BE SURE TO READ THE ABOUT MY DRAWINGS ON THIS PAGE PLEASE) I like chocolate, I'm really random, my mood changes very easily, I can go from nice to rude just like that so please don't take it to heart if I act rude in some of the things I say, I really don't mean it. I believe that if there's something you want try to get it, work as hard as you can, if you believe you can't then you know you can but you have to try first, and eventually that thing'll come to you. I don't belive that website like this is made for pageviews, number of people that want to be your friends just because the way your avitar looks or by the way you page looks, how mush money you have or how decorated your avitar is, it's about meeting new people and making friends. If you want things like that go to myspace.<br />
    <br />
    About Comments: Rude comments will be deleted, if any one continues to put rude comments on my page they'll be blocked, comments deleted and reported.I don't like to take crap from rude people.<br />
    <br />
    About Arenas: I dont care. KNowing me I'll put something in the wrong areana, so what, you put it in the wrong place, what the point in areana's in the first place? Like with the art and bullitens maybe some people don't know what to put it in people do'nt have to freak out like it's the end of the world. That just shows how rude the person is in real life.<br />
    <br />
    About My Drawings: I do put up my own drawings, most of them are from boredom, and I wont take any crap about how sucky they are cause i don't care really,I do it for fun. Also I taught my self how to draw, yes the antonomity or what ever it's called is off most the time, Please don't point that out or I'll most likely delete your comment. I have tried learning how to draw correctly using online and it was even taught in my art class one year, I never got the hang of it, thought it was way to wierd drawing that way. I could really care less if it's off as long as I like it. I am in fact very seriouse on this matter because of all the rude and ignorant people on this planet. <br />
    <br />
    Other website's I'm on: Crunchyroll: xkoko-chanx I have a myspace,deviantart and youtube, but if you'dlike those I have to get to know you first~.
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