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    User Image<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Name:Kelly<br />
    Gender: male<br />
    Age:17<br />
    Status: taken.<br />
    Music: <br />
    soft rock, hard rock, new rock, old rock, loud rock, quiet rock, fast rock, slow rock,.... sooo yeah rock, and techno,dance, little country.... anything but rnb rap pop yada yada.... sept for flobots.
    <br />
    current song that i am addicted to<br />
    into the ocean by blueoctober
    <br />
    a word to the wise, if you are immature than im fine with that. if its for fun. but if ur really so bad i cant find out how old u are, i really want nothing to do with you. sick of the idiots u find here on this site.
    <br />
    any questions?<br />
    send me a comment or message. i dont bite... too hard
    <br />
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